High Gear is Vancouver's private, one-on-one motorcycle training alternative.

With High Gear, you're a client not a student, and you book us just the same way you'd book a personal trainer: an hour here, a few hours there - whatever fits your busy schedule and your training goals.

We will work with you to design custom training based upon your availability, learning speed and comfort zone. Unlike mainstream motorcycle schools, we don't put you in a class with other students. Instead, we'll assign you a personal motorcycle trainer who will work with you to design a unique learning program to suit your individual needs. And all training is done in Vancouver; we won't make you go out to the suburbs unless you really, really want to.  ;)

One-on-one training is the safest, most effective way to learn.  And learning in the fall/winter has some advantages:  no long waits for ICBC tests, discounts on gear at most motorcycle shops, new and used bikes are cheaper this time of year, and you may as well learn how to ride in the rain if you live in Vancouver. 

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