Advanced Rider Program

For the seasoned rider who would like to develop their skills further, we have a host of programs and skill-development rides which we will custom tailor to you.

Although all our advanced rides are fun and enjoyable, the core purpose is to allow you to work closely with the instructor to fault-detect your own riding skills, and to improve those skills in a safe and supervised manner.

Advanced riders who successful complete any ARP course will receive a graduation certificate, and will be invited to attend our annual High Gear Alumni Ride and Dinner.

Clients use their own motorcycles on all Advanced Rider Courses, to allow our instructors to tailor instruction.

Advanced Riding Assessment

If you're interested in having your riding assessed by a qualified advanced instructor, why not take our Advanced Riding Assessment, comprising a 60 minute assessed ride? You'll get a full debrief, written report, and a fun ride through a mix of tricky riding situations to test your skills on rural and urban roads.

Unless you received your introductory training through High Gear, this assessment is mandatory prior to taking any further courses in our Advanced Rider Program.

Confidence Building

A course suitable for recently qualified riders or those adapting to a larger machine, for instance riders who have gained a Restricted License on a 125 and want to move up to a bigger machine, covering key skills like countersteering, basic advanced positioning, braking, slow control, emergency stops and swerves.

Rusty Rider

A one day course for returning riders. If you're returning to the sport after many years out of the saddle, or you've recently upgraded to a larger bike that you'd like some guidance concerning its abilities, this is the course for you!

Twisty Management

This half-day course explores advanced cornering techniques, eg: positioning for view and for safety, planning a line round a bend, dealing with tightening corners, countersteering, velocity scrubbing and advanced throttle control.

Survival Skills

Covering a broad range of everyday riding situations in town and country, this is our core advanced skills course, looking at risk assessment and risk management techniques in urban and rural environments, riding systems, positioning, as well as an introduction to the "Vision Line", "Reference Points" and "Point & Squirt" cornering. Advanced collision avoidance and mental "brain training" techniques will also be covered.

City Traffic Master Class

A must if you aim to commute! One or two day courses available.Topics covered will include avoiding "Sorry Mate, I didn't see you" accidents, overtaking and filtering.If you opt for a second day, we'll head for busy main roads, motorways and deal with city centre traffic.

Escape to the Mountains 2-3 Day Course

If you spend virtually all your life riding round the cities or the crowded parts of BC, and wish you could find some great roads for riding, then this is an opportunity to escape the traffic and enjoy some fantastic motorcycling.

The emphasis on this course is enjoying the roads as much as the training, and our carefully planned route starts in Vancouver then follows a selection of excellent twisty roads into the BC interior and mountains.

Accommodation is in a comfortable, mid-priced hotel, with good food and wine on offer as well as some excellent Kodak moments, with the evenings set aside for plenty of informal post-riding chat.