Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

At High Gear our philosophy is simple: 

Do everything we can to promote safe, conscientious motorcycling. 


Statement of Best Practices Adopted By High Gear

  • High Gear's number one operational priority is the safety and well-being of its clients.
  • High Gear commits to ensuring the highest standards of service and rider education.
  • High Gear does not accept kickbacks from any motorcycle company, in order to ensure that the advice and support we offer our clients is completely objective.
  • High Gear instructors will confirm all bookings via email (or text) with clients, and will arrive on time.
  • High Gear has a zero tolerance policy with regard to drugs and alcohol while operating a motorcycle.
  • High Gear has the highest respect for equal rights, and will not tolerate any discrimination based gender, age, sexual orientation, employment or any other characteristic unrelated to motorcycling.
  • High Gear commits to providing all clients with supportive verbal feedback during every training session, and a written progress report will be emailed to each client on request.
  • All High Gear instructors will be ICBC certified, have no less than 20 years motorcycle riding experience, and have a valid first aid certificate.