Our Instructors

Noah has a love of all things fast: cars, boats, planes, and especially motorcycles. He's been riding since his 12th birthday, delving into the mud and trails on his Yamaha GT80.  At 16, he graduated from the BC Safety Council's beginner and advanced rider programs and began his riding career on the road. Noah is also a fan of Super Bikes - recently completing level 1 & 2 of four levels at the California Super Bike School.

Noah is an ICBC certified motorcycle instructor, with over 10 years of practical teaching experience.  Noah is also an ICBC certified Motorcycle Skills Assessment Officer.  Noah brings test administrating experience to his role at High Gear, as he
previously worked as a certified ICBC driver examiner.

Desmond has been riding motorcycles since his 6th birthday, and often jokes that he feels more comfortable riding a motorcycle than he does walking. He raced amateur motocross in his teens, and has been teaching motorcycle safety for over 10 years. 

In addition to motorcycle safety, Desmond has taught workshops at local universit
ies and colleges for almost 20 years, and he teaches earthquake preparation and survival with the City of Vancouver. His presentation style is fun and encouraging, and he has a way of helping people learn without the feeling of being taught.