At High Gear we are committed to being "Green" and reducing our impact on the environment. We support the development and promotion of an environmental program which is committed to incorporating principles of sustainability in motorcycle riding within BC and Canada.

To us, motorcycling is not only a fun and exciting motorsport, it's also a Green Transportation Alternative! Our research finds that  motorcycles use less fuel than cars, are standing in traffic less, cause less congestion, are less hazardous to third parties, have less non-recyclable materials in their build and take up less parking space. Motorcycles make you feel alive and in-touch with the world around you. And motorcycle riders are more likely - at least most of us are - to treat other road users with respect.

So at High Gear, it's our goal to continually honour this Green commitment throughout our operations.
  • We are committed to a paperless business model, and will endeavor to manage all our affairs electronically. In cases where we must use paper, we will use 100% post-consumer recycled paper, with no chlorine bleach.
  • Any and all waste we create will be sorted and reused or recycled whenever possible.  
  • All of our support vehicles run on Biodiesel.
  • We invest in a gold standard carbon-offset program for all fossil fuel we consume during our motorcycle programs.
  • We publicly support policies and programs which encourage the growth of motorcycles and scooters as commuter vehicles.
For more information, please see our policy positions on our A Greener Canada on Two Wheels policy page.