Client Testimonials

You're in good hands with High Gear Motorcycle Training.
The most important thing to Desmond and Noah is that you're being safe, the second, that you're having fun.
Highly recommend!

Pam Stevens - Shore 104

About 30 years ago I took the Class 6 driving exam and failed. Very frustrating experience and I put aside my two-wheel aspirations aside. Recently I decided to try again but this time I enlisted the professional help of High Gear. They did spend some time talking rules and most time teaching me skills in empty parking lots and on wide streets throughout Vancouver. Their live demos of lane positioning and quick shoulder checking were well worth the tuition. After a few weeks of lessons, I took the Class 6 exam again and passed with flying colours. Thanks Noah, Desmond and everyone on the High Gear Motorcycle Training team!"

Roger Kayo, Executive Director, Kids Up Front Foundation

The motorcycle training was a great mix of theory and practice, and I was in good hands with Noah and Desmond.  Stats, situations and tips they highlighted help you make better, safer choices as a rider, before and on the bike.  Plus the practical skill-building drills, and emergency maneuvers build familiarity and experience with situations you wouldn't do on your own.  That paired with the traffic riding helped me gain skills, confidence, plus my Class 6.  The best part is that my husband took lessons, too, and his driving got astronomically better.

Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica, Hawaii Five-0)

I approached High Gear a scared, but excited girl with zero experience with motorcycles or even driving a standard.  I couldn't imagine learning anywhere else, they were the best coaches ever; from helping me choose gear, to attending my MST and road test with me, helping me practice and even giving me advice about the bike I bought.  I feel safe on the roads because of they way I learned to ride and their shared experiences and lessons have made me the rider I am today!
Cat Bergmann

High Gear was such a great experience! They introduced new skills as I became ready for them -- challenging enough to keep things interesting but never too difficult that I felt overwhelmed. Great teachers (the best!), great bikes, great city -- all in all, I give them an A+.


Jolene Shultz 

I honestly can't imagine a better way to learn how to ride a motorcycle. High Gear structured their lessons around my busy schedule and designed lessons that suited my specific abilities and challenges. Having just gotten onto the bike for my second season, I feel safe and confident every time I hop on. Having taken lessons along with my fiance last spring we are now in the process of planning a motorcycle honeymoon that we could not have done without you guys!


Benny Bloomfield

After winning an Arai helmet and training, I had only been dreaming of getting a bike. Once I started the training I knew I was in good hands. Having the one-on-one experience was great because I got the focused attention to correct all my imperfections. They’ve both helped me to develop excellent habits and a safe way to enjoy the ride. I’ll continue to take training as my skills advance and look forward to the advanced maneuvering session

James Clark